Thursday, October 6, 2011

Update and 10 Months!

Not too much going on around our household except Ian turned 10 Months on the 29th of September. He is so close to walking, I can't wait! He also just got his 2 top teeth so we have been up a lot these past couple of nights. I hate teething and can't wait til it's over! Here are a few random pics of our cutie...

Getting ready to eat dinner

Shopping for winter clothes. I love this hat!

I had to throw in this cute picture of our dog right after his much needed haircut. Isn't he cute?!


  1. That picture with the hat on is TOOOOOOO cute! He looks exactly like Nick.

  2. Hello! I love that you're reading my blog and I hope you continue to. My husband made me promise I wouldn't add anyone I don't know personally to our private blog though, boo! :( Thanks for saying hi though, your baby is sooo cute. Those blue eyes are to die for.