Monday, December 5, 2011

Ian is ONE!

My beautiful baby boy turned one on November 29th. I can't believe how fast one year went by. I feel like he was born yesterday. It is crazy. I had a brief moment where I thought about having another one because I just love teeny tiny babies but then I snapped back to reality and realized that having another one right now would just be a little crazy for me. One is good for now!!

Ian is so much fun! He is still crawling and will walk with a walker but not on his own yet. He says "Mama", "Dada", "Daw" (Dog), "Baba", and occasionally "Papa". He seriously is the best baby ever. He is so happy all the time and just loves to play all the time. We just love him so much. We didn't really do much on his actual birthday, my parents came over and gave him a few things and we celebrated his Birthday the Saturday after his birthday. It was so much fun and Ian got wayyy too much stuff. He was so spoiled by both of our families!

This was our attempt at making an Elmo cake... I think it turned out pretty good...

We had extra cake mix so we made a Cookie Monster cake too!

He wasn't too sure about the cake at first....but he eventually dug right in and got it all over himself. I don't have a picture of him all messy but I will have to get one from my mother in law and post it cause it was so funny!

He got a new car!!!

Lots and lots of presents!!

We had some delicious food! Kaley made this yummy Pumpkin Triffle

I made these Black Bottom Cupcakes and we also had mini quiche, yummy cheese ball, and pizza. It was a carb-fest but so so good!

Thanks everyone for coming and Thanks for all the great gifts! Ian now has all these cool toys and cute clothes that we will have to make room for!

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